Bespoke solutions for Biological Automatic LN2 installations

Statebourne Cryogenics offer bespoke solutions for liquid nitrogen storage. Our solutions range from simple installations of 20,000 all the way up to a complete installation of a Biobank holding hundreds of thousands of samples. Each installation will be different, but will compose of the following basic systems.

  • External supply tank
  • Pipeline for the LN2 (super insulated pipeline) and LN2 conservation system
  • Internal filling system
  • Automatic refrigerators
  • Extraction Fan system
  • Oxygen alarm with integrated alarm system

The main problems with any pipeline system is consumption of LN2 and the Oxygen alarm always going off when anyone lifts the lid on a LN2 refrigerator. At Statebourne we have a unique solution that is economical on LN2, does not trigger the alarm and keeps samples cold.

The components parts of our LN2 facility solutions are:

  • Statebourne Cryogenics manufacture Cryogenic supply tanks that are specific for liquid nitrogen, which will help the entire system. The tanks can be built to suite a specific gas company and all are made from super vacuum technology so will be small in size and compact.
  • Tank range from 240 to 10,000 litres
  • Low pressure tanks with low pressure relief valves – this saves LN2
  • Regulators so pressure can be “tuned” for difficult refrigerators
  • Bottom outflow of LN2 for “clean” LN2
  • Different designs for different gas companies
  • Optional slam shut safety valves for pipeline closure (must be linked to O2 alarm)
  • Small foot print so little ground work required
  • Option to link level display to lab alarm system
  • Statebourne manufacture both upright and horizontal tanks
  • Owning your own tank is always cheaper than renting in long term
  • Bespoke design and installation service
  • Options for flexible insulated lines as well (cheaper to install)
  • System control for pipeline control consumption
  • Link to slam shut valves and Oxygen alarm
  • Hot gas management from pipeline with pipeline de-gas systems
  • LN2 dispensing with foot switch or hand switch control
  • Slave tank installation with auto-fill system for multiple dispensing (saves Ln2)
  • Automatic refrigerators with top up of LN2
  • Hot gas by pass system to save 50% of LN2
  • Integrated filling of vessels as a whole or in groups to save 20-30% LN2 usage
  • Linked family fills to not overload fan system or set off Oxygen alarms
  • Incorporating older vessels into filling system
  • Linking automatic refrigerators to alarm and temperature logging systems
  • Refrigerators with overflow protection to eliminate any LN2-sample contact
  • Fill safeguards to prevent overfilling and tank dumping
  • Installation of fans system with ducting and scavangers at low level
  • Linking fan system to Oxygen alarm, so fans are activated before alarm is activated
  • Only using fans when required to save on power, fan life and environment
  • Multiple sensors positioned in sensible places
  • Linking Oxygen alarm to fan systems
  • Linking Oxygen alarms to central read outs
  • External and internal alarms
  • Generation of mini manuals specific for that installation
  • Working scheme of examination for all parts of system
  • On site training
  • Service back up as well

Statebourne provide specialist knowledge and innovation to deliver bespoke cryogenic solutions across the globe. Our clients benefit from our experience of delivering hundreds of bespoke Cyrogenic solutions. This gives them the confidence and support to know they are engaging the best services and products the industry has to offer.

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