Nitrogen gas generators & Liquid Nitrogen condensers

Fully automated systems
LN2 Generators
Various laboratory configurations

Small scale Nitrogen gas generators and Liquid Nitrogen condensers

Kelvin core products include small scale Nitrogen gas generators and Liquid Nitrogen condensers. The standard offerings for LN2 condensors are:  20, 40, 50, 80, 100, 120, and 150 liters per day and typical uses are in clean rooms, small scale laboratories and bio storage facilities. All of the systems are fully automated, turning on and off as demand and liquid levels dictate. Just press the start button and leave the system to do the work. They can even be coupled to an auto fill systems to top up customers own external Dewars.

Kelvin products

In 2016 Kelvin started representing Statebourne Cryogenics in the USA, quickly winning contracts supplying specialist tanks to the military and major research centres and also using Statebourne products in their own OEM applications. We at Statebourne are now pleased to announce that Kelvin International Corporation’s range of products are now available through Statebourne Cryogenics.

Kelvin International Corporation are a long established company based in Virgina, USA. Suppling cryogenic expertise to research, government and military establishments Kelivin have an enviable reputation for quality and customer service.

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