New Cryogenic facility at St George’s Hospital

Final components for the new Cryogenic facility at St George’s Hospital medical school.
The New Biosystem 24 units to be installed for automatic filling together with a 4000 litre supply tank, SIVL and oxygen alarm system.
The medical school used to have LN2 refrigerators in various locations throughout the building and filling these 40-50 dewars took up 2-3 days work per week. It also required over 10 supply tanks being refilled 2 times a week with additional costs for filling and servicing of the supply tanks.
So all dewars were pooled into a central storage area with a single oxygen alarm system, single supply tank and a super insulated pipeline feeding the room. This speeded up filling as all the dewars could be stored in one area and also a number of historical automated dewars were linked to the SIVL to save taking 4 x 200 litre supply tanks up and down in the lift every week.

With installation of 2 new Biosystem 24 this will mean over 40,000 vials can be moved from the many older liquid phase LN2 refrigerators to the automated dewars with storage only in vapour phase. The vapour phase storage will reduce the chance of LN2 ingress into vials so reduce the chances of vials exploding and it will also reduce chances of cross infection of vials.
This new Cryo-facility will be safer for users, safer for samples, will save on technician time, save on service visits and save on gas company visits.



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